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Shiqiao region of rivers and lakes wetland park to "modern region of rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes in the vitality of, region culture, ecological region of rivers and lakes" as the breakthrough point, to three innovation strategy to combine, to the life of the new landscape, country park as a guide, covers an area of 2500 acres, Shi Qiao Zhen Shi Qiao Cun River in Wuling efforts to build a fresh and stylish, unique exotic new era of a region of rivers and lakes, built a set of ecological agriculture, flower tourism, leisure vacation, expanding entertainment, science practice as one of the modern ecological agriculture park.

Shiqiao region of rivers and lakes wetland park from Wanzhou double estuary 40 minutes drive, with rich ecological resources, a pristine natural landscape, rich cultural heritage.

In the park by the bridge river runs through the rich Shiqiao River wetland nature scenery, to "Shui Yun Shi Qiao, four seasons flowers" as the theme, according to the "parent-child recreation, flower, fruit picking, sports experience, wisdom recreational, ecological conservation and function zoning, create a set of mountain, water, floor, pavilion, pavilion, lake, river, flower, fruit, farming culture, popular science expand equal to one of the rural leisure tourism, strung Wanzhou falls - Quartet mountain spa promenade drifting, Wuling Town, Tochigi mountain historical culture, ten longan, rangdu crescent bend etc. attractions for tourism.

Until now, the park has been built tourist road 5 km, sidewalks Road 2 kilometers, drains 2 km, reservoir 7, planting cosmos, lavender, a bosom friend, four seasons flowers, space lotus, 800 acres, 800 acres of flowering orchards, cultivate leisure wetland 900 acres. Perfect the park infrastructure (lover bridge, speed skating, boat, water drum, water zorb etc.). Land transfer involving Shi Qiao Cun people 200 households 720 people, drive a farmer household income 1 million yuan, after the completion of the great belt dynamic development of rural leisure and tourism.

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