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Wanzhou District of Chongqing City million Club Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was registered in November 2014, office, Wanzhou District, Chongqing City Tiancheng Road No. 299, registered capital of 500 million yuan is a set of ecological agriculture sightseeing, agriculture, agricultural products sales, landscaping in one of the modernization of the agricultural enterprises. Companies adhering to the "with farming the, development of eco city, to create the concept of sightseeing agriculture development, adhere to the development of agriculture as the carrier, to" ecological, tourism, culture and tourism, as the connotation, vigorously develop urban eco agriculture.

Company to "modern region of rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes in the vitality of, region culture, ecological region of rivers and lakes" as the breakthrough point, to three innovation strategy to combine, to the life of the new landscape, country park as a guide, intends to invest 80 million yuan, covers an area of 2500 mu, Wu Ling Zhen Shi Qiao Cun in efforts to build a fresh fashion, unique exotic new era of a region of rivers and lakes, stone flowers of a region of rivers and lakes Ecological Agriculture Park (see attached page master plan), built a set of ecological agriculture, flower tourism, leisure vacation, expanding entertainment, science practice as one of the modern ecological agriculture park.

Until now, the company has invested 40 million yuan, and built a flower tourism 800 acres, 50 acres of space lotus; the scale of the development of the 1000 acres of ecological agriculture, ecological plum, pear, peach, orange, longan, litchi planting a total of 10 million lines; standardize and perfect the construction of infrastructures in the park, newly built mud gravel road 7 km, new irrigation water pond 12.




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